Grow your FP&A expertise

Join 7,000+ readers of the Forecasting Performance newsletter every Saturday morning for FP&A tips, strategies, and best practices.

Grow your FP&A expertise

Join 7,000+ readers of the Forecasting Performance newsletter for FP&A tips, strategies, and best practices every Saturday morning.

FP&A leaders struggle for one of six reasons

You can avoid these pitfalls:

  1. Getting bogged down by non-stop urgent leadership requests
  2. A finance team that is uninspired and underperforming
  3. Finance processes that are inefficient and destroying your capacity
  4. A forecasting process that isn't integrated with the company strategy
  5. Business leaders not acting on your data-driven guidance
  6. Not knowing what's needed to drive the business forward

These 6 issues are the root causes of most FP&A issues. Our free newsletter every Saturday morning helps you avoid them and grow your impact.


There are a few ways we can help you:

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FP&A Essentials 

This free ebook teaches you the basics of how the best FP&A professionals structure their work to unlock strategic value in finance.

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The FP&A Operating System

This in-depth PDF guide helps you build a system for driving more impact without working more hours. It includes an Excel workbook and highlights best practices for the most critical aspects of the FP&A role.


The FP&A Flywheel video course

Ready to implement FP&A best practices? This on-demand video course teaches you how, step by step. It includes Excel models and PowerPoint templates you can use today.

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It's hard enough to be an FP&A leader.
You don't have to do it alone.

I've heard a Fortune 100 Finance SVP describe being a Finance Manager was the hardest job they've ever had... And I totally agree.


You are sitting at the intersection of all your key stakeholders - your boss, your team, and your business partners to make sure everyone is happy. And you are being looked at to improve efficiency and drive impact while the company is changing underneath you. Very few FP&A leaders can execute this balance perfectly. And it almost always results in overworking, sleepless nights, and high stress that you bring home to your friends and family.

Having a system that you can use to balance all of your key stakeholders while driving more impact is the key. It's what I call The FP&A Operating System and I firmly believe every FP&A professional should have their very own FP&A OS.

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Hey, I'm Brett Hampson!

Over the last decade I've had a successful FP&A career helping companies from $50M to $50B in revenue implement financial best-practices and grow profitably.

My secret sauce is simple: implement a best-in-class FP&A operating system that allows me to maximize impact while working less. All around me, I see FP&A professionals overworking but still not making progress on the most value-added work.

In 2023, I started sharing my systems and frameworks online to help FP&A professionals like yourself see that there is a better way.

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