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About Forecasting Performance

Being an valuable finance professional can unlock serious success for you.

Your income potential is sky-high (Directors at big companies or VPs at smaller companies can earn $250k per year or more with company equity).

Your ability to influence the success of a business is awesome.

But becoming a world class finance professional (like anything great in life) takes time, energy, and experience.

Our Mission

Our mission at Forecasting Performance is to help develop the next generation of finance leaders. Every week we provide frameworks and best practices to help you grow your career and become the finance professional of your dreams.

Sometimes you get lucky with a great mentor, awesome role, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

But a long career has ups and downs.

The only way to find success through your career is to learn, implement, and iterate best practices until you develop your own world class operating system.

Our Beliefs

A finance team will fall to the level of their system.

Sometimes you get lucky with an A+ talent on your team or the perfect business partners to work with.

But for the other 99% of us, having an operating system that we can lean on to drive results is how we can reliably make an impact in the business we support.

And being a great finance professional means driving value every month in the business.

Even the most talented finance professionals will eventually find that willpower alone is not enough to drive the business forward.

Influencing and impacting large organizations for the last 10+ years has come down to how well I'm able to set a vision, delegate outcomes to my team, drive the right work forward, and maintain a standard of excellence.

All of these are what I'm talking about when I say Finance Operating System (or OS for short).

Our Approach

I wish there was a single course, training, or book I could give you to help you become a great finance leader.

If that was the case, I would have made it already!

Becoming an amazing finance leader is all about developing your Operating System that allows you to navigate the world of finance nearly on autopilot.

What if I told you that you already do this?

Every time you experience something, you learn from it. Your goal is to do the things that work again and avoid the things that didn't work.

That's a very natural way to build your system.

Having a great mentor can help you reflect on your system, learn lessons faster, and give you their experiences to input into your operating system.

Forecasting Performance is your mentor from afar

Each week, we share experience-based finance tips and frameworks to help you refine your operating system and become a more effective leader.

At a minimum in our weekly newsletter, you'll hear how we think through leadership, career, and finance best practices in a slightly different way than you naturally think about it.

At our best, we'll open your eyes to a better way to tackle the problems you are facing today.

How We Can Help You

Forecasting Performance provides actionable education to help you achieve your finance career goals. We produce content across multiple platforms with a mix of free and paid content to fit your needs and budget.



Our newsletter is designed to give you actionable tips and frameworks delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning at 8am ET.

Every week you'll receive:

  • Finance career advice

  • Tips on building your operating system

  • Frameworks for becoming a finance leader

  • Best practices in reporting, analysis, forecasting, and business partnership


Personally, I love learning through reading.

So I distilled some of my best frameworks and systems into 2 comprehensive books for you to learn from:

  1. The FP&A Operating System

  2. The Finance Manager Playbook

These books are a great place to start with their low cost ($29 each) and ease to consume.

And they both come with Excel workbooks for you to follow along and develop your own operating system.


The Finance Leadership Lab is a place where you can learn everything we have to teach about implementing your Finance OS and growing your finance career.

The membership is a living, breathing resource for you to grow your career.

It contains the 2 books mentioned above, our self-paced online course titled The FP&A Flywheel, as well as an ongoing stream of workshops and courses being added monthly.

The best part?

You decide what's built next!

Every month, we ask members what they want to learn and work towards incorporating those.

About Brett Hampson

My name is Brett - I'm the founder of Forecasting Performance.

I've spent the majority of my 10+ year career working in large, multi-national corporations that round their financial statements to the $B (billions).


My career accelerated early on when I learned the value of developing my operating system and leading teams from a place of calm but confident management. It took me 8 years to go from entry-level financial analyst to finance director in a Fortune 100 company because I had great mentors who helped push me into challenging experiences (not everybody has that same advantage).

Later in my career I began to branch into smaller PE-backed companies and small, local businesses to bring the same financial best practices to smaller companies.

I noticed financial excellence was missing from smaller companies, but the finance leaders in those companies were hungry for the education.

That's when Forecasting Performance was born.

My content has been viewed by millions.

My newsletter is read by thousands.

My books have been read by hundreds.

I've personally transformed a handful of finance teams into proactive, analytical machines.

Thanks for being curious and wanting to be a part of something big.

- Brett

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