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You are overworked, without a mentor, and haven't been taught how to elevate your role.

When I became a finance manager I was short on time and energy and was getting caught up in non-value added work each day.

It felt like each day was more responsibility and pressure... more decisions and consequences. It all kept me from getting to the work I know I was supposed to be doing.

If I wanted to make more of an impact without burning myself out, I needed to think differently...

After years of mentorship, trying new things, and experimenting with my daily routine, I found that the solution lies in having a collection of systems and frameworks that allow me move through the day almost on auto-pilot.

Early in my career it was easy to get by with skill alone. But as responsibilities grew, I found that without a system for what to work on first, how much time to spend on certain tasks, and a clear vision for my value - I never made progress on the right stuff.


The FP&A Operating System

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Are you ready to level up your finance skills?

This guide will teach you how to implement the systems and frameworks needed to drive more impact.

  • You'll learn the frameworks, skills, and playbooks you can implement TODAY to drive more impact and work less hours.

  • I'll show you what to focus on each day to make a bigger impact for your company and your career.

  • From developing an inspiring vision to executing a world-class FP&A monthly process, you'll learn the exact steps you need to take to become the finance leader that drives impact without overworking.
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What's Included In The Operating System...


Create a vision and prioritize value-added work

Become a visionary FP&A leader within your company.

You'll learn to:

  1. Turn your desires into a vision

  2. Break your vision into actionable goals

  3. Align your goals down to daily tasks

  4. Mechanize your priorities workflow

  5. Become so proactive you get more done in less time

  6. Get the right work done first

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Build your reporting ecosystem

Minimize your time spent on reporting so you can add more value.

You'll learn to:

  1. Design the perfect monthly reporting cadence

  2. Build reports that actually inspire action

  3. Eliminate metric confusion within your organization

  4. Know what to include in each monthly report you create

  5. Determine when to build or automate

  6. Sunset existing reporting without a fight

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Analysis that drives action

Become a best-in-class analytical mind that is indispensable by the business.

You'll learn to:

  1. Generate company value using my $100M 1-pager analysis template

  2. Master the 'what happened', 'why', and 'so what' analysis

  3. Explain complex metrics with variance analysis

  4. Learn my 'sliding box' analytical technique

  5. Reconcile the gap to your sales expectations

  6. Deconstruct a sales funnel into the critical pieces

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Forecasting framework for FP&A

Learn to predict the future with increased certainty.

You'll learn to:

  1. Build a best-in-class forecast with multiple pick techniques

  2. Set up a forecast evaluation framework that I've used at Fortune 100 companies

  3. Lead your strategic plan process this year

  4. Close the gap between your forecast output and leadership expectations

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Business partnering to build advocates

Become the most proactive FP&A professional you know.

You'll learn to:

  1. Run a best-in-class monthly results conversation

  2. Have a conversation, not host a presentation

  3. Move the conversation towards outcomes

  4. Link operational results to financial outcomes

  5. Anticipate follow-ups before the meeting

  6. Prepare for monthly results conversation like an FP&A Director

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The FP&A Operating System

Unlock FP&A best practices for:


  • Downloadable PDF guide
  • 43 powerful framework and systems
  • Excel template
  • FP&A vision template
  • Reporting roadmaps
  • Analysis frameworks
  • Forecasting tools
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If you aren’t completely satisfied with The FP&A OS, let us know within the first 30-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

This guide is for you if...

  • You're a high-performing FP&A professional who aspires to grow your career, make more impact, and work less hours.

  • You are tired of working late nights and weekends without ever feeling caught up.

  • You know that implementing your own operating system is the key to unlocking more value.
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I'm Brett Hampson

For the last decade, I've dedicated my career to leading high-performing FP&A teams in PE-backed tech startups and publicly traded Fortune 100 companies. It took me 8 years to go from FP&A Analyst to Director leading teams of 15+.

I've helped companies develop and execute strategic plans that led to market share growth, improved profitability, better staffing management, and improved customer satisfaction - all while maintaining a 95% employee engagement score and a 10% employee turnover rate on my team.

While I'm proud of my accomplishments, I am more proud to share the system that I built to achieve all of this.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students achieve their career goals after implementing my system.

"I just gave your guide a 5 star rating. It was really helpful for me in creating a framework for my position, as I came into an undefined situation with no real supervising guidance."

- Russell

“I really enjoyed your guide. The other courses are more geared toward higher level topics such as business partnering, forecasting/analytics and after a while they all provide the same info. I liked how yours showed your exact process and schedule”

- Sameer

“I wanted to express my gratitude for your exceptional explanation of the core concepts. Your written material is so comprehensive and well-crafted that it provided me with a profound understanding of FP&A. I greatly appreciate your contribution and the fact that no video was necessary. Thank you immensely for your valuable insights.”

- Subhasis
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